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Fashion is craft and craft takes time. @sst_fashiondept graduate @gudfreja ‘s collection is an ode to DIY culture- referring to the fast remedy of repairing something fast but also to the meditative practice of making something by hand. Making by hand is a process deeply connected with the fashion school experience. Student designers are hands-on making the garments of their collection one by one, taking all the time they need from morning till dawn for months. Fashion education does not only teach skills, it mainly teaches its students to appreciate the time that goes into making a garment, a rhythm that seems to be running behind the pace of the industry or even life at large. This is what makes student collections so fascinating. The reality is, that we can’t always afford to take our time and we can’t always support the art and products of the ones who do, but we can remind ourselves every now and then that fashion, just like anything else we consume, takes time to make and if it doesn't there is a problem.

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“Don’t put yourself into a box of what someone else wants you to be,” @westminsterfashion @domhuckbody confesses. “It was never an instant: ‘I always wanted to do this’,” if it hadn’t been for his brother Christopher, a fashion graduate too, Dominic’s career would’ve been different. Growing up, his brother was already into fashion while Dominic was an art type of person. “What attracted me was seeing how people can tell stories through clothing. That’s the most impressive thing someone can do,” the designer says. Head to our website to discover Dominic’s work! Words by @zoelhl #designerstohire #1granaryxpinterest