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hace 2 semanas

Really excited to finally be able to share my artwork commission for @aireplacestudios's latest colouring book Vol2 that celebrates poc experiences. As a self proclaimed part time holibober, many of my experiences and ways I experience leisure often revolves around adventures, exploring new places full of culture and nature. This last year has been hard for a plethora of reasons but when asked to create a design on my recent experiences I almost laughed cus what have we been able to do during this panoramic 🙃 but then I remembered how sacred meditation and yoga have been for me during this time. It has been a big way for my messy, loud, dissociating mind to return to the present, stay grounded, find peace and acceptance with what's in my control, and release tension in my mind and body. In many ways, because of the birdsong and ambient nature sounds in the background, while I do these activities my mind gets teleported to so many different places. Not every time is a transformative experience, but even the distracted meditations somewhat force me to find some moments of stillness in the chaos of my life. While I've experienced some incredible moments over this last year in person also, the most frequent ones have been found alone in my room during my meditative practices. Trying to illustrate something so conceptual is hilarious, and while I often like to leave it up to the viewer to interpret it for themselves I think there's something beautiful in celebrating and reminding everyone to take stock of the little things in life and finding your own moments of joy and adventure in the every day ✨ Head over to @aireplacestudios to watch my recent IG Live where I breakdown my design process, the significance of this project to myself and the poc community. 👉🏾 If you're a real bad B check out the full @aireplacestudios Bame Experiences Vol2 colouring book – the LGBTQ+ Experiences V2 is also live now – via link in bio 👈🏾 #colouringbook #designcommission #pocexperiences #illustration #yoga #meditation #everydayjoy #designbook #creativeproject #colourin #everydayart https://www.aireplacestudios.com/exhibition/bame-colouring-books-volume-2/

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hace 2 semanas

This year has been a whirlwind one and the momentum just keeps going! Super excited to soon share something I've been working on with the amazing people at @aireplacestudios 🥰 But for now you can catch me pon the digital waves: 👉🏾 WHAT place do monuments have in our society? HOW do we memoralise history? WHOSE portrayal of history are we preserving and WHY? Stoked to be opening @archcentre's incredibly important discussion for 'What Do We Remember? Monuments & The Public Realm', alongside @roger.griffith.mbe (@ujimaradio), @beerowlatt (Mary Wolstonecraft Society), Tim Cole (@universityofbristol Social History Professor) and Dr Tanja Schult (@stockholmuniversity Culture + Aesthetics Associate Professor) Tomorrow from 6:30 - 8pm - £5 tickets via @archcentre's link in bio 👉🏾 Delivering a free workshop for Watershed's Rife Lab on 'Developing A Purposeful Brand' with the brilliant @joyannboyce. A perfect combo between strategic + holistic, let's explore: 🌱 Your own value system + developing a strategic network that aligns 🌱 Ethical marketing strategies 🌱 How to embed sustainability in your practice + MORE Register online via @rifemag's link in bio #designproject #comingsoon #pocexperiences #architechturecentre #rifemag #watershed #Bristol #monuments #edwardcolston #livinghistory #purposefulbranding #buildingconnections #values #freeworkshop #symposium #ujima

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hace 1 mes

Earth Day is every day, bby. In addition to launching a campaign to plant 3 million trees in 7 days with @ecologi, because why not, @go_enviral have also decided to plant 3,000 extra trees on behalf of the team – 333 for every employee. 333 trees in my name for Global Earth Day? Wow! As "Restoring The Earth" is the theme for this year's Earth Day it's only fitting to of course share the reforestation legends @ecologi_hq breakdown of the difference between rewilding and reforestation, incl. their varying impact, and how there's a need for both as we tackle the climate crisis. If you're feeling inspired to be part of the solution, it's never too late to start your journey into taking action that cares for the planet and all the people who inhabit it. Get involved and for less than £1.29/week, sign up to @ecologi_hq – where 100 EXTRA trees will be planted in your forest by @ecologi_hq. Find out more about what kind of projects and impact this will have on ecologi.com (also via link in bio) 🌱🌳🌍 #SeedsOfHope #EarthDay #EarthDay2021 #EarthWeek #EarthWeek2021 #treesofinstagram #treeplanting #reforestation #climatesolutions #climateaction #collectiveaction #restoreourearth #perfectplanet #greenlifestyle #goinggreen #sustainablesolutions #ecocampaign #ecolife https://www.ecologi.com