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School Of Hard Knocks. Sold flowers on freeway off ramps as a kid. Became a father at age 16, by age 35 my Company had A Billion Dollar IPO 📈 NASDAQ

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What Is Banana Milk? BM , Being Myself , Burning Man, Banana Milk. Now it Is ClubHouse Culture. It’s A Movement, Community With Unity. The Voice Of The Voiceless. We Connect Authentically , The Masks Come Off & The Talk Gets Real. Banana Milk. If you know you know, if you are learning come join. Banana Milk Is A Way Of Life. Platform Birthed. Being Of Service. @joinclubhouse This Art Is My Expressive Art. We Enjoy Life One smoothie at a time Banana Milk.

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This swipe series blew my 🧠 I am a visual learner and educator. I love to study data. I LOVE charts, I started learning charts in the stock market when I was 16 by reading books and resonated with candlestick charts in the stockmarket. I believe emotional literacy is the most important literacy for any human being and these charts show some very important things in life are a straight line. So please swipe and let me know what you see in this series... 🍌🥛BANANA MILK COMMUNITY IS NOW A MOVEMENT 🍌🥛

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Banana Milk was an analogy I gave on January 23rd. It has evolved to an environment of a community Where The Talk Gets Real , The Masks Come Off... now it’s a movement , had a mention on Galaxy Brain tonight “This is the Banana That Never Rots” By Marc Andreessen who now speaks in the analogy of the Banana.... If you know you know. WE ARE A MOVEMENT... COME JOIN US...