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designer × creative director × photographer · US + UK Get in touch: [email protected] Prints, workshops, and more👇🏼

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Over the last month, @kriskulakova and I have been sharing details about our new workshop, Moving Your Photography Practice Forward. It starts February 1st, and in case you haven't checked out all the info on the workshop page, I figured I'd share a few things you may have missed. We want this to be a no-brainer for you, but we know that investing in ourselves isn't always easy. So we've made 3 ticket types available, to keep things flexible: €50 — 1-Day Trial Attend our 2-hour introductory session to see if you like what we have to say (and how we say it) — you can still purchase the full workshop any time before the 2nd session. €250 — Full 4-Week Program Four weekly 2-hour sessions starting Tuesday, February 1st. This is the big show, the main event. €500 — Full Program + Portfolio Review The full 4-week program as above, plus a special portfolio review session on March 1st (limited to just 5 attendees). The portfolio review will build on top of everything we cover in the workshop itself, and packs a lot of extra value. *** The workshop sessions will be held live, running for 2-hours each Tuesday at 10:00 PST / 19:00 CET starting February 1st (the bonus portfolio review session will be held March 1st at the same time). We've scheduled them to cover as many time zones as we can, and attendees of the full workshop will also have access to recordings of each session for 30-days after the workshop is finished. *** But wait, there's more! :) Attendees of the full 4-week program (including portfolio review participants) will be eligible to win a ViewSonic VP2768a ColorPro 27” 2K color-calibrated display! The winner will be announced at the end of the 4th session — this display is fantastic and will help ensure you're getting consistent colours with all your visual work, from screen to print. If you have any questions about the workshop, leave a comment or drop us a DM — we're excited to see some of you in a few weeks! @viewsonic.uk @colorpro @viewsonic #photography #workshop #learning #photo #course #business #hasselblad #hasselblad500cm #pentax #esii #film #filmphotography

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TL;DR — I'm co-hosting a virtual workshop starting February 1st (link on my profile and Stories), and there's a giveaway announcement at the end :) *** I discovered photography late in life, compared to many of you — I've been a designer since my teens, but never saw the camera as a creative tool I was capable of using. Photography felt like a special skill that only certain people were blessed with, and I wasn't one of them. When I was 30, I saw a folding Polaroid SX-70 for the first time, and I was smitten with the object itself. I bought the first one I could find. The images from those first packs of instant film changed the course of my life — but that's not how I became a photographer. By the time I started working professionally as a photographer, my design career had spanned nearly 20 years. The experience of running a small design & digital studio with my brother — working with clients all over the world on projects spanning product design, technology, brand, user experience, print, and more — had prepared me for the challenges of starting down a different creative path. Working and communicating as a creative professional laid the foundation for moving into photography — though it wasn't until I started creating photos for clients that I realized how much more important those skills often were than the images I was making. *** Starting February 1st, @kriskulakova and I will be covering these skills and more in our new 8-hour virtual workshop, "Moving Your Photography Practice Forward" — find all the details via the link on my profile, in my saved Story highlight, or visit https://bit.ly/2022-movingforward <3 What's more, the team at @viewsonic are giving away a FULL workshop + portfolio review registration to one lucky winner! To enter, visit https://bit.ly/2022-movingforward-giveaway or tap the link on my profile. Looking forward to seeing you on day 1! @viewsonic.uk @colorpro #photography #workshop #virtual #learning #photo #course #business #nikon #f100 #film #filmphotography

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My first workshop of 2022 is all about finding and creating momentum in your creative practice, aka getting yourself un-stuck — we all have different ways of framing what "not knowing which direction to go next" feels like, and it happens to all of us. This real-time, 8-hour, collaborative virtual workshop hosted alongside @kriskulakova — Moving Your Photography Practice Forward — is spread over 4 weekly sessions starting February 1st. A creative career is about so much more than your craft, and through this workshop Kristina and I will bring our years of experience working in PR, marketing, design, and photography to help you understand your strengths and develop them, learn more about the business side of photography, navigate the line between your artistic desires and commercial briefs, and more. To get all the details and register, visit https://bit.ly/2022-movingforward, follow the link in my bio, or check out the saved Story Highlight on my profile (Kristina and I also hosted a quick IG Live which you'll find in the highlight). As a bonus, attendees of the full 4-week program will be eligible to win a @viewsonic VP2768a ColorPro 27” 2K color-calibrated display. The winner will be announced at the end of the 4th session — many thanks to ViewSonic for their support and for helping us spread the word! #photography #workshop #virtual #learning #photo #course #business #personaldevelopment #nikon #f100 #fujifilm400h #film #filmphotography