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“Desert still life” at Indian Canyon, Colorado River mile 207. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona.

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Grand Canyon Trip Log, February 5-9, 2021 Once below Lava Falls it seemed like a weight had been lifted from our shoulders. The sun was warmer and our spirits soared as we cruised down river passing some fun rapids. Volcanic rock changes the landscape as the canyon widens. Barrel cactus, Ocotillo and Cholla become more prolific. Over the next few days we camped at Whitmore Wash, 207, and then pushed past Diamond Creek at mile 226 on the Hualapai land where all my other trips have ended. Its always been weird to pull off the river at this arbitrary access point when the river keeps going. In hindsight it makes a lot of logistic sense but the Hualapai charge a steep fee for pulling out boats on their land. Alas, we would continue for another fifty four miles, timing our take out at Pearce Ferry for February 13. I was excited to see new terrain and run the river out to Lake Mead but for now we enjoyed the daily cadence of river life and savored our remaining days in the Grand Canyon. #grandcanyon #coloradoriver #grandcanyonrafting #teamdonkeystomp

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“Don’t worry about a rapid until the day you have to run it.” Will Lundy, our trip leader, had been saying this for days but the knot in my stomach tightened with each mile that we got closer to Lava Falls (mile 179). On the morning of February 5th we pushed off the comfy beach at Fern Glen with a mix of trepidation and excitement. In nine miles we passed Vulcan’s Anvil, the black plug of basalt that lets you know you’re a mile out, but you can already feel the Grand Canyon’s biggest rapid rumbling up through your bowels and hear its low thunder booming in your ears. The placid waters here are a deceptive calm before the storm. This was my seventh time hiking up to Lava’s scouting rock in seven years. Each time I’d listened closely as boatmen discussed their strategies. I knew the line in theory, but this time there were no guides, just some friends and a dream. Familiarity gave a sense of confidence and there was no time for hesitation. In this moment we were as prepared as we could be. Scouting longer doesn’t make it easier, so off we went following the bubble line down the tongue: Caress the ledge hole, break the lateral, duck into the V-Wave and ride out the Big Kahuna waves past the Cheese Grater. Keep squared up and hold on tight. No big deal, right? The adrenaline was charging. I hoped to be two feet farther left, took a couple big hits but straightened out on each wave and after twenty seconds of pure terror flushed into an eddy. We had cleared the most notorious rapid on the river and soon stepped onto Tequila Beach with a massive sense of jubilation. Another team rolled in right behind us as an instant party erupted. Coors had donated seventy cases of beer to our cause so we made our best effort to #drinkresponsibly You can see John Rae’s video of my run on the Jerry Dodrill Photography Facebook page. Thanks for following along! #lavafalls #grandcanyon #coloradoriver #grandcanyonrafting #teamdonkeystomp #dohardthings #getscared #tequilabeach @coorsbanquet #drinkresponsibly