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We’ve been staying home and still going about our regular homeschooling activities and spending lots of time in the garden. And I already work from home so not much has changed for us personally. But I know that so many people have been negatively affected by this and I’m sending all the love to you right now. If you’ve lost your job, or are out of work right now due to the closures of things, are experiencing anxiety from the uncertainty of the future, or know someone who is sick and you’re nervous about it, I’m so sorry for what you’re going through. There’s a rainbow at the end of every storm and I hope you can find hope in this time. One aspect I’m not hearing many people talk about is the inevitable deaths that occur due to huge downfalls of economies, which presently our economy is effected negatively as a result of the mass shut downs. Research shows that suicide rates go up during rapid economy downturn. People who are in poverty struggle more, and people struggling with addiction who recently got out of rehab and is starting a new life and finally got a new job to get back on track, only to be swiftly taken away, increases their likelihood going back into addiction and suffering and sometimes death. These are things I’m not hearing people talk about much and I just wanted to bring this to the discussion. Feel free to share your ideas on ways to help in times like this for those in need. If you know someone in your life who is struggling financially, and if you are able to support, helping in anyway you can can like buying their groceries makes a difference. Photo capturing a rainbow in our garden by the talented @cadencia

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Now more than ever is a good time for me to reflect and be thankful for the opportunity and ability to put in the countless hours and effort and care towards growing our own food. Food sustainability is a goal that we’ve had for many years which has impacted many of our life decisions along the way. Thankful for beautiful, filling, banana racks and for nature’s abundance. A time to slow down, be home, and be thankful. Thankful for my husband’s fruitful labors with more to come. 🍌

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hace 1 semana

Even if it has not been your habit throughout your life so far, I recommend that you learn to think positively about your body. -Ina May gaskin Never have I been more thankful for capturing such a special time of my life. It goes by so quickly with a blink of an eye. Thank you to my extremely talented friend @chelsea.jean for capturing this time, this transition, this growth, and these profound beginnings in my life. I will cherish these photos forever. @chelseajeanpresets