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hace 1 hora

…and here I am now, exactly where I was 41 years ago today, when my native city Bologna experienced the bloodiest massacre in the history of Italy, when a coward bomb at the train station killed 85 innocent souls and injured over 200! I remember very vividly, it was atrocious, at 10:25am the explosion disintegrated everything, station and trains passing hit by the avalanche of rubble and debris that in a few moments crushed and suffocate helpless travellers of all ages and origins. Six workers and 2 taxi drivers were instantly killed,everywhere it was tears, screams, dust, sirens, and desperate crying of passengers in shock trying to locate friends and relatives. The youngest victim is Angela Fresu, just 3 years old, then Luca Mauri, 6, Sonia Burri, 7, up to Maria Idria Avati, 80, Antonio Montanari, 86, and many many many more. Rescue is immediate: on the streets of Bologna you could only hear sirens running at full speed in and out the massacre's site. In a few minutes, dozens of vehicles from the fire brigade, police, carabinieri, city brigade, ambulances and the army arrived. Any adults in town got together and gave a hand, removing debris and looking for people still alive under the rubble. Agide Melloni, a 31yo bus driver, had one of the most difficult tasks: driving the #37 bus line, which for the state-of-emergency was used for transporting dead the bodies, showing white sheets hanging from the bus windows etc….. heavy heavy s++t! While the whole city was torn apart by sirens, and noises of any kind, the President of the Republic Sandro Pertini arrived at the station, moved and distressed, while a human chain continued to move debris and seek life in the rubble. When the last hopes of finding other survivors are also extinguished, an unreal silence falls over Bologna. Meanwhile, the morgue is trying to give a name to the victims: an identity repeatedly entrusted to shreds of clothing, a ring, the remains of a chain or a document. Piazza Maggiore fills up in the evening: Bologna, astonished and dismayed, is not asking for revenge but for justice. Even today, 41 years later! Bologna non dimentica 🖤❤️💙

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hace 10 horas

Truthfully, Italy this year is smashing it big time in many sports, showing an amazing professionalism and focus on what these formidable athletes do! Some well deserved gold achievements, from football to tennis and from high-jump to 100 meters now at the Tokyo Olympics. Respect Italy! fi real! 🏆🥇🥇🥇 🇮🇹

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hace 1 día

Lovely reconnekshaan with my familia in Italy, after 1 long year apart! Mama, sister and I tested and safe, so no-mask for this family-photo during my quarantine in tortelliniland! La vita è bella ❤️