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Sweet Song (Sto-lat!)🎵 Swipe 🔙 all the way for a #throwback to Babcia’s 93rd #belatedbirthdaycelebration #ninetythreeyearsyoung 🎂 . A while back my family got together at my cousin’s house for a celebration of our Babcia (Grandma in Polish)’s 93rd Birthday. She has 11 great-grandchildren now and many of them were there. She is also sprite enough to still live in her own apartment and cook vats of soup and cabbage for us to take home + freeze, same as she’s been doing for the last 20+ years! The song we are singing is the traditional Polish Birthday song wishing her “sto-lat” (100 years) as in “May You Live to One Hundred!” 🙌🏼 My husband took the video, which I’ve been meaning to share for a while but life in the “back to normal” has been so busy I’m struggling to find any time for social media at all. That I struggled during quarantine even may just say something about me; though I did carve out a little time to make this Polish soufflé cream cake for Babcia’s party — enlisting the help of my one always willing kitchen assistant. She taste-tested the sugar to made sure it was sweet enough of course! This cake is called “Karpatka” + is named for the Carpathian mountain range that stretches across parts of Ukraine, Romania, Slovakia and Poland. It is irregular in shape because once dusted in confectionary sugar it is meant to resemble the snowy peaks of these mountains. My thanks to @homecookingadventure whose recipe I followed off the web to make this ! I will note one small modification — rather than divide the chou layers (mine were too flat when I divided them and baked them I don’t know why) I doubled them to get the result you see here. This was my first time making a cake that was fully *cooked* though and while it felt a little scary to attempt it, the result was tasty and the process fun! #birthdaycake #bakedbykasia x #bakedbyfreya + #bakedfromscratch following the “Eclair Cake - Karpatka” recipe from @homecookingadventure #homecookingadventurerecipe | #karpatka #cake #polishcake #polish #vanillacake #vanilla #powderedsugar #thefeedfeedbaking @thefeedfeed.baking #bakersofinstagram #heresmyfood #fooddecoration #dessertlover #sweet #foodartistry

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Positive x POLISHed in Paisley + #ridingintotheshortweeklike a woman whose dress matches her clutch AND her @marshalls / TJX shopper (because no Mom goes anywhere with just a clutch duh — she needs a giant bag for all the kids’ jackets + layers + snacks #natch !) #sendinggoodvibes #swipeleft⬅️⬅️ . P.S. The song sampled here is “The Ride” by Rafał @rafal_brzozowski_official which was Poland’s song submission to @eurovision 2021. Some of you know I am 100% Polish but American born. I speak Polish like a toddler except when I have a little “voodka” 🍸 then I age up to maybe an 8. . P.P.S. No I did not look this nice going to work today (I wore leggings and took the T), though I am wearing lipstick now for the first time in a long while since everyone is back in the office today after just 10 of us being here for about a year. This short video is from the Saturday before last, on the way to my Babcia (Polish Grandma’s) 93rd birthday party. I didn’t tell you much about it yet but I’d like to! . . . #positipaisley #positive #passengerside #bigenergy #bigsmile #theride x #tuesdaythoughts #carselfie #video #westernmass #paisleydress #retrostyle #flowy #sheer #pinkpurple #redlips #polish #polishmusic #polishwoman💋 #polishwoman #maxxinista #latergram

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hace 2 semanas

Smiling Soul #sansmask x #spinstudio 👄🙌🏼 . Yesterday — exactly two weeks post my 2nd vax — I took what felt like a throwback ride at SoulCycle to a time before masks. I admit it felt good. It has been months since I have ridden a bike without a mask inside (except at home obviously). Now, it wasn’t exactly on purpose — and you know how pro-masking I am even post-vaccine. I was supposed to take another outdoor spin class that got canceled because of the terrible weather here (see previous post) + I only JUST started unmasking in those. Then by dumb luck I scored the only bike in a Survivor class and in the front row no less #natch. It’s a bike I would have picked had I planned it (and my server been fast enough at #noononmonday #iykyk LOL). Now, I’ve also worn a thin mask with a plastic bracket while exercising most of this pandemic, but I would still suck in fabric and gasp for air at times (my lungs aren’t the best after 10 years of smoking even after 10+ years of not smoking + running so quick #psa while we’re here — #dontsmokekids ). I would still NOT go maskless now in a regular gym or if all the bikes in an indoor spin class were used without barriers (at least for a few more months), but I looked around at the “headless horsemen” around me (only every other bike indoors is in use at this time + the studio is asking that you mask if you are not vaccinated [honor system]) and with my own immunity just maxed now, I took a gamble, said a quick Hail Mary in my head, and like all the others there, I took my mask off during class. Baby steps, Bob (also #iykyk @letshearitforbillmurray 💕). Are we out of the woods yet? Are we in the clear yet? No, but we’re shaking it off + getting caught up with lipstick on our face again. 😉 💋 . . . #ilovespinning #spinboston #indoorcycling #soulcycle #soulsurvivor #backinstudio #backtonormal well no but: #gettingbacktonormal #studio #indoorworkout #postpandemic #fitboston #bostonfitness #seaportboston #fitbodies and now #faces too haha #fitblog #workout #bostonblogger #igersboston #massachusettsopeningagain