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But goodness, but there’s enough guilt to go around. You do not need to take care of the people that have wounded you, or abused you, or hurt you. Sometimes you really have to cut the cord and stop getting pulled back in. You have to let people live with the consequences of their choices, and their actions. We cannot spend our lives cleaning up other peoples messes. Sometimes you just have to release people, for the health of everyone involved. -maranda. Billboard art: @emmycoletti

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hace 3 días

Sit with it. Then commit. It is Time to move forward. ⚡️✨🌙 You’ve really got 💥

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Finding the balance between rest and hustle is vital, but it’s still gonna take work. We can manifest, visualize, work smarter, but elbow grease is still required in birthing a dream. I know this is a topic that a lot of people have opinions on, and in our brand new issue hitting stand this week, we discuss what it takes to really be successful in your field, to build a business, and trying to find that balance between really busting your ass for the first two years in your start up and taking time to rest and nurture yourself. Sometimes we want to skip the hard work part. I hear working smarter, but people who just want the glory and fame and the success without putting in the hours, is skipping a really important part of the process. I get working with a new paradigm, but we can’t think of anyone who hasn’t put in the hours he was really mastered their craft. Our new online group launch is this Friday and will be posting more about that, but we’re going to have a special creative entrepreneur group discussing everything from birthing a brand, font choice to making sure you don’t get totally screwed with your Trademark Attorney.