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@cwtheflash’s @robbieamell is still training hard at home. ⚡️ The @uploadonprime actor opened up his garage gym to Men’s Health to share his social isolation workout. Click the link in bio for the full video.

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Rock your glutes at home with the single-leg elevated glute bridge, demonstrated here by @donsaladino. It’s a simple but focused move that concentrates on your posterior; focus on contracting your glute to elevate, and elevate only as high as that glute contraction can drive you. Aim for 3 sets or 8-10 reps per side. Keep training at home because there are plenty of ways! RG: @donsaladino

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Yes you can blast your biceps with household gear! This workout from @ebenezersamuel23 does exactly that (and it’s actually easier with dumbbells too!). Moves below, details in the audio. ************************************* 1) hammer curls: 10-12 reps. 3 sets 2) halfway pause curl countup: into the round of 6. 3 sets 3) iso hold to reps dropset: 8-second supinated parallel pause to 8 biceps curl reps, 8-second hammer pause to 8 hammer reps. 3 sets #fitness #ebandswole #homeworkout #bicepsworkout #fullworkout