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Altruism | Global Empowerment Mission founder | “Engage in accumulating all virtues.” #BSTRONG @globalempowermentmission

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Miami boat day with @thencsgroup’s Ignas & @gerda_jurkonis & @zoenourobins.

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#Repost @michaelcapponi with @make_repost from 2017 ・・・ Meet my teachers, spirit guides and the keepers of the ancient codes. Before Buddha attained Nirvana, he saw himself in all his incarnations. Now try and think of dolphins as divine submarine systems with a supercomputer hard drive. They behold all the ancient wisdom from our predecessor civilizations. This is passed on just like we pass info from our USB’s to our latest computers and so on. One day all of this will be revealed to humanity as our race’s vibrations rise. Our planet is shaking, cracking, spitting, burning, breathing and spinning with storms of all kinds. These are not one off isolated incidents, these are pre-coded events that were designed in the dna of our universe since the beginning of time. These concepts were transmitted through various sages and prophets for the last thousands of years. These events are meant to unify the planet and force us to awaken and learn empathy towards one another. We are the captains of our own destinies. What we eat is what we sow and it is by the actions that we do again and again that we write our own life and our own death. In simpler terms, what’s happening energetically on our planet is only a reflection of how humanity treats one another, all living beings and our planet. @globalempowermentmission #atlantis #dolphins #allbydivineorder photo by devinediver @richardobarry

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This week @globalempowermentmission Bstrong was able to support some of the oldest Native American tribal communities in Southwestern Texas’ Rio Grande Delta. This includes the Kickapoo, Carrizo and Comercrudo people. We could not be more proud of our team and our partners for executing missions within 48 hours of loading. In the last 2 pictures, you can see pink slips with dates and times on them. Family Necessities Kits for 5000 people leave our HQ on Monday and by Wednesday the supplies are in peoples hands 1,500 miles away. @bethennyfrankel @thencsgroup #bstrong #NCSupportsGemBstrong #texas