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CERCOM Center for Environmental Research and Coastal Oceans Monitoring � Help protect your natural environment and the community you live in.

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#TanacrediTuesday !!! • Did you know that Dr. T was apart of the “Hurricane Hunters” in the US Navy? During his three years in the US Navy Dr. T was a flight meteorologist who collected data inside the hurricanes during the 1969 and 1970 seasons! • Did you also know that a new species of crustacean (Cryptopontius tanacredii) was named after our very own Dr. Tanacredi? This happened after his third expedition to Easter Island! • Have any questions! Send Dr. T an email at [email protected] !! • #environmentalist #horseshoecrabwhisperer #longisland #newyorkscientist #CERCOM #molloycollege #collegeprofessors

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A quick PSA: During this pandemic keep in mind that the world itself is in a little struggle! Make sure you take your masks with you during this time! • Here at CERCOM we are working to educate everyone about the environment that we live in and want to keep the environmental awareness around during this time! If you discard of masks be sure to also clip the strings on the side, this way marine animals will not get tangled in them! • #BeTheChange #CERCOM #molloycollege #longisland #environmentallyfriendly #environmentalscience #earthscience #savetheplanet

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One of the main goals of CERCOM is to help to educate our community about the importance that horseshoe crabs hold in the environment and the world around us! • To learn more about how horseshoe crabs are helping us through the COVID-19 pandemic check out our latest IG TV Video! CERCOM was featured on @cbsthismorning ! The video is also in the link in our bio! • #longisland #horseshoecrabs #covidsolutions #discoverlongisland #fossils #CERCOM #molloycollege #cbsthismorning