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Photo and video by @MichaelGeorge / The rocky ridges of the Shawangunk Mountains look like a giant slammed his foot down on the floorboards of the Earth, jutting a piece of bedrock into the air. The ridges rise above the surrounding farmland and fall trees, creating a spectacular contrast of gray and black against the red and orange tree cover. If you’re staying at the Mohonk Mountain House, a short hike to the Skytop Tower will give you one of the best views of the area. If you’re not staying there, you can get a day pass to hike the four miles round trip from the Mohonk Gatehouse up to the tower and small reservoir. The tower itself is a memorial to Albert K. Smiley, who co-founded the Mountain House with his twin brother, Alfred. In the video (swipe to view), you’ll see the reservoir that was created from the quarry where they took the rock for the tower. The leftover rock can be seen lining the carriage roads that lead up to the tower. The Skytop Tower is an icon of the Shawangunk skyline and can be seen all the way from the nearby town of New Paltz, New York. For more photos and writing from my travels, follow along @MichaelGeorge. #skytoptower #mohonkmountainhouse #newpaltz #shawangunkmountains #thegunks

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Photo by @robert_ormerod / A road runs through the plains and mountains of the Atacama Desert in Chile. The Atacama is the driest and highest desert in the world.

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Photo by @daisygilardini / Here’s a perfect reflection taken on a calm day in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. I took advantage of the fall foliage in all its glorious yellow colors to frame the image, making sure to keep the lake within my frame to make the composition more interesting. Framing it this way helps direct the viewer’s eye to the reflection. This was taken at Herbert Lake in Alberta’s Banff National Park. Follow me @DaisyGilardini for more images and stories behind the scenes. #landscapephotography #rockies #Canada