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@SeaLegacy co-founder. @NatGeo contributor. @SonyAlpha Artisan. The only official account for Paul Nicklen. Please report imposters. Thank you. 🙏💙

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⁠'Ma'ah,' which means grandmother in the language of the Great Bear Rainforest's Gitga'at First Nations, was one of the first photographs I took of her ten years ago on the day we met. Her cubs were waiting down below as she climbed trees to feed on crabapples. She was so beautiful – everything about her was gentle and elegant. We had been pushing hard on a campaign to keep the Northern Gateway oil pipeline from invading her territory, and our feature in @NatGeo Magazine helped elevate her story, her habitat, and her future. Thanks to many First Nations and non-profit groups uniting with one collective voice and strategy, we won. It always feels good to score a victory for conservation, and I am so grateful to all who played a role. She is a very old bear now, but her gentle demeanor has not changed, and I feel honored to have had this chance to memorialize her forever. // To inquire about this piece or view my entire print catalog, please visit the link in my bio. #Photography #Art #Bear #SpiritBear #KermodeBear #BC #BritishColumbia #Canada #GreatBearRainforest #FirstNations #Gitgaat #Nature #Conservation #Win

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Large walrus groups like this one travel long distances in search of clam beds, which provide their primary food source in the quantities required to sustain them. With the loss of multi-year Arctic ice, they have no choice but to rest on land between feeding forays, which expends a great deal of energy and leaves them susceptible to polar bear predation. A wildlife action shot like 'Tusked Titans' is incredibly challenging to capture because everything happens so fast – often too fast for me to comprehend. When one of these moments arrives, I set my camera to fire as many frames per second as possible and hang on tight. With a little luck, there will be a beautiful moment hidden amongst the near misses. // To inquire about this piece or view my entire print catalog, please visit the link in my bio. #Photography #Art #Walrus #Svalbard #Norway #Arctic #ClimateChange #Conservation #Action #HighSpeed #Unpredictable

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Yesterday's post was difficult to stomach, but I believe it is sometimes necessary to confront the brutality of our species before we can find the will to change. @Mitty, myself, and everyone on the @OnlyOne and @SeaLegacy teams was blown away by your response – our petition urging the Faroese Prime Minister to end their brutal, annual slaughter has already grown to nearly 150,000 signatures. I have never seen support like this before, and you have renewed my confidence that, together, we can do great things. If you have not yet added your name, please consider doing so at the link in my bio. There will be more heartbreaking imagery and news in the days to come, but for now, let's take a collective breath and remember how much more beautiful white-sided dolphins are in life than they are in death. #Dolphin #WhiteSidedDolphin #FaroeIslands #Faroe #Slaughter #VisitFaroeIslands #ForTheOcean #SaveTheOcean #MarineConservation #OnlyOne