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Private Worlds: A Visual Catalog of Progressive Toy Designs, 1970-1990 by Andy Sturdevant @sturdevantland is a collection of over twenty patent designs for educational children’s toys of the 1970s and ‘80s, most never brought to market. Patent drawings are a fascinating medium for amateur idealism and ambition. That idealism goes double when paging through patent applications of the ‘70s and ‘80s looking at – for lack of a better term – “progressive toys.“ These ingenious, eccentric objects, designed both by professionals and amateurs, really highlight the interest in open-ended play that flourished in the post-Aquarian era before the market was flooded by plastic TV cartoon tie-ins. Illustrated with three-dimensional digital renderings. Stock ID 217322. Link in bio, $12

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Facing by Andrew Forster These portraits, photographed over a period of three years in various locations and conditions, are of people looking at their own reflections in the mirror. Each photograph is taken from behind the subject, the camera looking over his or her shoulder towards the reflected image. Nestled into a clamshell box, this simply sewn book is all image. Published in 2001 by Burning Editions. Edition size 500. Stock ID: 73902. Link in bio, $100

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Zone C by Rosaire Appel ZONE C is a visual book. The combination of drawings and asemic writing describe a location that alludes to the physical world as much as to realms of thought and emotion. If you know A and B, will you know C? The book contains a lot of noise, second thoughts and revisions. It’s the opposite of calm. Stock ID: 216029. Link in bio, $12