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hace 1 mes

I couldn’t be more galvanized, assured and touched watching the footage out of Nashville yesterday. The peacefulness. The understanding. The unity. It was a beautiful picture of humanity and harmony from both the 10,000 plus protesters and our law enforcement. This is how our voices are heard and resonate. Collectively and peacefully. This is how change is made. Much love. Stay healthy and stay safe. We will survive this time. Changed and evolved.

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hace 1 mes

Donald Trump showing off one of the rare moments he’s held a Bible. Mr. Trump, you can not mobilize the American military against the American people. Not legally and certainly not morally. Such requires permission from each state. You do not know the Constitution. You do not know the law. You do not know your job. OUR (not your) mighty and courageous soldiers, profoundly saluted and embraced by us civilians, will always be outnumbered by our population. Hence our Second Amendment. This is not a monarchy, Mr. Trump. This is the Land of the People. You can not “dominate” us. You can only serve as the civil servant you were elected. We need understanding. And compassion. And trusted leadership. Not your irresponsible and thoughtless, extremely dangerous threats and your pathetic and impotent bullying. I’ve hesitated sharing these feelings of outrage because all our current fires do not need to be stoked further and all I pray for is peace and harmony and voices for us ALL. But I’m sincerely convinced at this point that this unstable person will not be satisfied until he creates another civil war. Please lay down your guns and your tear gas cans. Your true duties are found in your heart and your orders are found in your conscience. Please lay down your rocks and Molotov cocktails. Please do not destroy the already struggling businesses of your neighbors. They are not who you are angry with. Please do not burn down your own communities. If your intent is to protest peacefully then photograph and report those who are inciting the violence and who are tarnishing your motives, lessening the validity of your voices and attempting to rob you of your rights and responsibilities to dissent. We can do this. We are the Land of the People. Let’s teach Mr. Trump this in November. And collectively have the complex and layered conversations needed, both on a national scale and one-on-one with a person of a different color skin than yours so that we can begin true understanding of one another and so that we can work towards this never happening again. I believe we are capable. I believe in the people of this country. Be safe. Stay healthy. Much love. Heartbrokenly, JMG

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hace 1 mes

Last night in Kentucky, a line of white protestors formed a human barrier between black protestors and the police so that their presence in numbers could be felt and all their voices could safely be heard. So sad that this was necessary, but such a loving and strong action. THIS is how you use your White privilege. “‘I see no color’ is not the goal. ‘I see your color and honor you. I value your input. I will be educated about your lived experiences. I will work against the racism that harms you. You are beautiful. Tell me how to do better.’ That is the goal.” - Carlos A. Rodriguez. Please, please all be safe out there. Very much love to every single one of you.