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Introducing Siren Smart Socks: Continuous Temperature Monitoring for Better Foot Care Empowering People Through Neurofabric™ Technology.

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"Recently, I received notifications about my right foot from Siren Socks. I went to my podiatrist's office we determined that I had early warnings of Charcot foot. I took his advice and rested my foot for several days. Without the notifications from Siren, the Charcot foot symptoms would have continued and would have lead to surgery and hospitalization." - Tim White, Siren User #sirensocks #innovation #podiatry #prevention #patientsfirst #diabetes #neuropathy

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Congratulations to Dr. Reed Coast from @bayareafootcare for completing the Siren Remote Patient Monitoring Training and Certification Program and becoming a “Certified Siren Provider”! 🧜🏼‍♂️ 🧦 #sirensocks

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Dr. Reed Coast, DPM from @bayareafootcare says: "The Siren program has been easy for me to implement. My patients like the socks and they really enjoy calls with their Siren Nurse. It makes me feel good to be able offer my patients the latest technologies in podiatry." #sirensocks #neuropathy #podiatry #dpm #innovation #healthcare #remotepatientmonitoring #tech