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@sonyalpha ambassador Adventure Photographer / Filmmaker Come join me in Joshua Tree / Death Valley / Iceland and more.

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hace 1 día

Here's a little series of memories captured from my last adventure storm chasing in the Mojave desert with my buddy ⚡️ . This is the lead-up to the final hours locking ourselves directly in the path of incoming Haboob. I'm still coughing up dust from that evening! 🤣 What a night it was. #bealpha #livelife #stormchase . All images were captured with the @strikefinderphoto / @sonyalpha a7SIII and my favorite storm chasing lens. The #sonyalpha G 24-105mm f4.

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hace 3 días

Touchdown ⚡️Be sure to swipe left for the BTS video 😆 . Was this a mesocyclone the making of a tornado? Either way, we were out of there fast when this bolt of lightning lit up the sky. . It was around 1 am on our last night chasing in Arizona and just as we were headed back into Casa Grande to call it a night we came across this train paused on the tracks. All I was thinking was boy it would be so cool to get some strikes behind it. . According to @radarscope05, we were in the clear between storms for about 10 minutes. I set the cameras and watched how this purple blob was moving slowly toward us on the app. It looked creepy. Within a few seconds after setting up. BOOM! My phone starts to go off with a severe thunderstorm and possible tornado risk. . Things with quite for a bit but then the sky went electric all at once. Like a scene out of a marvel movie time froze and things just didn't seem real. . Needless to say we hung in there for a minute caputred a few photos and high tailed it out of there seeking shelter. . There were many found memories on this 4 day trip storm chasing in Arizona but this one definitely took the cake. More epic snaps coming soon. #bealpha #stormchasing . Captured with the @sonyalpha 1 / #sonyalpha GM 14mm f1.8 / @sliktripods CF-635 tripod / @strikefinderphoto

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hace 1 semana

It's the final day for me chasing beautiful skies and lightning around the awesome state of Arizona. . It's probably not my last trip out this Summer but MAN I have to say we put the work in on this run. I'm looking forward to sharing all of these awesome memories in the next few days. #bealpha #stormchasing #arizona