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We are an intersectional movement of youth activists fighting for a livable planet for all! Register for our interactive teach-ins below! ⬇️

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!!THERE IS NO CLIMATE JUSTICE WITHOUT GENDER JUSTICE!! Tag a women who inspires you down below! ⬇️⬇️⬇️ - Happy international women’s day! Thank you to all the resilient women fighting the good fight- we send love to you all across the world. Without gender equality, there is no environmental justice. Women’s rights are so deeply rooted in the climate crisis, we must fight against the patriarchy to ensure a better life for every living person. - - #internationalwomensday #patriarchy #climatechange #women #environmentaljustice

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More than 200 calls have been made to @Chase CEO Jamie Dimon and other executives & board members to demand that Chase Bank #DefundLine3‼️ In solidarity with #WaterProtectors on the front lines in #Anishinaabe lands in #Minnesota, we are racing against @Enbridge’s next big credit renewal deadline, March 31, when a credit facility renewal worth $2.16 billion will expire. The banks involved in that loan have to make a decision whether to continue to support Line 3 or walk away from Enbridge, including Chase, Citi, Bank of America, RBC & TD. Line 3 would have the equivalent impact on the climate of: - 50 new coal-fired power plants - 38 million additional gasoline vehicles on our roads. Call Chase Bank now to demand they #DefundLine3: #pipeline #defund #line3

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JOIN US! 🗣 #ZeroHour101 This March, register for Zero Hour 101 to learn the inner workings of the climate movement and student organizing — and make new friends from all over the world along the way. Sign up before Friday, March 5th, to participate in the full series of interactive workshops‼️ Link in our bio — we’ll see you there 👀 #thisiszerohour #climateeducation