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Hi there, Sage here to celebrate our favorite #LeapYear baby! The team and I thought it would be fun to take over your account & have a day that shines back to you all the shine you share with so many. One common thread amongst us all joining here is we have all have been touched or inspired in some way by your kind & generous heart, your unending thoughtfulness, your brilliant mind, your creative vision & your relentless dedication to serve others. There is no one like you, Tony Robbins! And I love you with my whole heart. Happy Birthday, Tone. I’m ever so thankful to God that you were born on this day. In 40+ years, you have worked with millions of individuals from nearly every country — your reach is vast & your love is ENDLESS. Your commitment to serve and spread loving kindness to those in need reminds us all of what's possible. It is a gift to have a front row seat to watch how you live your life and it’s a privilege to love you. ❤️Your Sage xo Tony you're getting ready to serve 30K+ souls next week—the largest UPW in history! We can’t help but reflect on this last year & how you brilliantly reinvented the way we deliver content VIRTUALLY enabling you to reach even more homes & hearts. Even as live gatherings shut down, you worked tirelessly to deliver when people needed it most. As a result 1 MILLION+ lives were touched at one of our events in this last year alone. Through the gift & grace of your generous heart you have provided over 1/2 BILLION meals to the hungry, clean water to communities & have rescued over 4,000 innocents from human trafficking. These are just a few of the countless humanitarian projects you're involved with all because of your core belief in THE POWER & GOODNESS OF THE HUMAN SPIRIT. As you continue to serve others, you light the way showing us, calling us & reminding us what we are truly capable of doing & giving. From our hearts to yours, we feel blessed to serve alongside you in this mission of transforming lives. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TONY! We thank you, WE LOVE YOU & we celebrate you! Please share how Tony has had an impact in YOUR life in the comments or send Tony a Happy Birthday TEXT at 561-423-1444. Thank you! 🎈

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What a privilege to sit ringside with heavyweight champ Evander Holyfield aka, “The Real Deal” 💥🥊 and the only 4X world heavyweight champion in history. The greatest story of all is THE COMEBACK STORY, and @evanderholyfield treats us to an epic retelling and reveal of what it means to create a comeback. In this interview, he explains why boxing is much more than just a physical battle — it’s about the concentration of power of our physical body 💪 psychology 🧠 spirit 🧘🏽‍♂️ and soul ❤️ for the ultimate combination of the complete skill set. He shared stories about growing up, the best pieces of advice he’s ever received that guide him still today, and what lessons he learned from losing almost half a billion dollars. And yes, we also talked about the notorious fight with #MikeTyson and the possibility of stepping back into the ring all these years later. Thanks champ for inviting me into your personal training ring for this conversation and some punching practice! Click the link in my bio to check out this latest episode of #TheTonyRobbinsPodcast, then head over to my YouTube channel to watch us in the ring. 👊

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Determination is the difference between being STUCK 😕and being STRUCK ⚡️ with the power of absolute commitment and resolve. If you want to achieve your biggest goals, you must understand that trying to sustain “motivation” to keep “pushing yourself” won't work long-term. The push will eventually wear you out. Putting ourselves in a state of DETERMINATION where we’re PULLED by our purpose is the sustainable way forward. Determination means you are both feet in and absolutely committed to your decision with congruent language and action; it’s a willingness to do whatever it takes to get the result. Cut off any other possibility. Want the island? Burn your boats! What are YOU determined to make happen in 2021? Let me know in the comments!