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I write poetry about depression + #anxiety Author: #AWARWithin x #LostinLifesOcean Socials @TopDawgEnt Main @thecherchlife Check out my books

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Today's poetry excerpt comes from my poem "Repeat Offenders." This one is about people who repeatedly make the same mistakes, and the consequences of them. In this case, there is a sadness that come from only being seen for your darkness and flaws, and not the positive you also hold within. There is an inherent complexity and depth to us as humans, and even the darkest depression can't rob us of our light. Let me know if you relate!

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hace 3 días

This second excerpt from my poem "Melancholy" deals with the ways mental illnesses make us think we can't change or grow for the better. Even as I put in the work and had a support system encouraging me to keep pushing, I often still felt an inherent pull toward the only thing I knew: disarray and confusion. I had spent a whole lifetime learning the wrong ways to do things, and it just felt so natural. Making changes is hard and can feel brand new, but it's worth it and I believe in you.

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hace 1 semana

This poem is so significant to me. I wrote it once I finally realized how wrong I was living my life and started on a new path of rebirth and growth. The problem is that I've cultivated and become synonymous with my bad habits, and making the change feels monumental. I say that because my mental illnesses always try and trick me into believing that I need them and that they're the "real" me. In this excerpt, I realize just how melancholy my life has become from my errors as everything around me falls apart. Even still, as my positive future and loved ones call for me, I hesitate with fear and uncertainty. It's like being frozen, terrified of my role in it all and whether I can survive the risk of trying and failing. Luckily for me, I know I can and will overcome this. Full poem is in my second book "A WAR Within," available now (link in bio).