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6 months ago

READ THE CAPTION. . Chances are you aren’t going to die from this virus. . You might. Someone you love might. . Which is why you should be smart. . However, chances are you are going to live. . And chances are you are going to be living in a very stressful financial situation at least temporarily. . Those are the statistical facts. . So...because you are likely to live and because you a likely to be in financial stress...Id like to remind you of another fact: . In times of stress its important to remember that nearly everything great comes from pressure. . That’s extremely hard to remember when you are down to your last few bucks. . Ive been in business for 21 years. . About half of that time I was less than a week away from being totally busted financially. . So I know what thats all about and haven’t ever forgotten it. . Here’s what you need to know: . There are two types of people that are going to come out of this current economic stress. . The first group are going to look back at this time as the time that broke them. . The second group are going to look back at this time as the time that made them. . You may not think thats “fair” but that doesn’t mean its not reality. . It may not be the way you think it should be but that doesn’t mean its not reality. . The FACT is also that you have a choice. . You have a choice in front of you whether you see it as a choice or not. . That CHOICE will determine which aforementioned group you will be in. . The literal path to this current situation ending up “making you” long term may be in fact be a VERY DIFFICULT one...but that doesn’t make it any less of a choice. . You have a choice. . So keep this thought at the front of your mind: . How are you going to come out of this better? . Keep asking and the answer will appear. #100to0 . Pic has nothing to do with caption just a little something I love about America 🇺🇸 . 🏎: 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 LS666 built by @cravenperformance . 📷: @davidmullis

39.5K 1K

7 months ago

Day 22 of #75HARD 2020. . I feel fucking great. . Im sharp. . Im focused. . Im creative. . Im confident. . Im tenacious and aggressive. . I have zero tolerance for nonsense of any form. . I have all the things #75HARD creates in spades. . However, Im not feeling great about some of the things Im witnessing in the world right now. . I feel like now more than ever the world needs REAL leaders that have integrity and have their interests aligning with the interests of this country and the world. . ...and I feel we lack them. . It makes me extremely concerned for the future watching everything unfold and feeling like the people running shit are still only worried about tearing each other apart instead of coming together to overcome as Americans and Citizens of Humanity. . That’s disturbing actually. . This isn’t a time for political bickering and agendas by anyone... . Ive field dozens and dozens of phone calls from people who have lost their companies, their jobs...and yes their loved ones. . Its an extremely difficult situation no doubt. . One that shouldn’t be made more difficult by out of touch politicians & media who honestly have no fucking comprehension of what its like for the “real people” (all of us) in America. . We deserve better than this from our leaders. . All of them. . Its very frustrating for me to observe what is happening right now for so many reasons. . The things I would normally talk to you guys about regarding success or entrepreneurship are irrelevant to me right now because Im literally witnessing the destruction of peoples lives daily. . Im going to keep winning my days. . Its all I can do. . I will use this opportunity to the max degree to improve myself & my companies and my local community. . If you’re feeling like me my advice is to do the same. . Focus on what you actually can control and contribute to and win at that. . The structure and daily wins will put you in an odd place of feeling great personally regardless of the darkness of the situation. . Ive always told you thats the secret: . Show the fuck up for yourself & give it everything you got regardless of your feelings. . This is the time to execute on that.

36.2K 917

7 months ago

Every successful entrepreneur. . Every professional athlete. . Every Academy Award Winner. . Every Best Selling Author. . Every Super Bowl MVP. . Every World Series Champion. . Every Nobel Peace Prize Winner. . Every great humanitarian. . Every General. . Every President. . Every single person you have ever looked up to, admired or aspired to be like.... . ...all have two main things in common: . 1. ALL of these people were: . Laughed at. . Criticized. . Told it was impossible. . Had innumerable days they felt like giving up. . 2. ALL of these people kept showing up and putting in the work regardless of the above circumstances. . So that brings the question: . What makes you think you get to skip that part? . How big does a persons ego have to be to think they gets a helicopter ride to the top of the mountain...while everyone else has to walk? 🤔 . Listen, whatever it is that has you shook, frustrated, anxious, angry, sad... . ITS NOT JUST YOU. . LITERALLY EVERYONE PURSUING ANYTHING BETTER GOES THROUGH IT. . Our egos have a way of convincing us otherwise and it’s important to recognize this as it is going on...or it can derail you completely. . Perseverance is the most important ingredient to creating greatness. . Never forget that. . If this message helped you Tag a friend to remind is not the time to quit 👊🏽 . 🏎: 2006 Ford GT Heritage . 📷: @eastonchang . *All cars mine unless otherwise noted.