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2 days ago

EYESHOT FEATURED → Sonia Goydenko 📸 @soniagoydenko When the photographer was five years old, her grandfather would take her on these all day walks around the town. Sonya thinks of these long walks as a primer for how she views the world now. And believe it or not, all these photographs were taken during wintertime at 25°F (-4°C). «Coney Island Polar Bears» is about an expression of joy, a zest for life, and the importance of a community. Read more on → eyeshot street photography .com #eyeshotjournal

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5 days ago

EYESHOT WEEKLY → This week's theme is: 🖼️ frames. Framing refers to using elements of a scene to create a frame within your frame. And yes, frames can be made from a variety of objects and forms to achieve all kinds of effects. The following are the photographers we've selected to represent this week's challenge: 1. @victor_djaja 2. @ximena_echague 3. @sedanevas 4. @david__root 5. @anetaluberadzka 6. @puuuuuuuuce 7. @ivanherrerafoto 8. @merja.varkemaa 9. @gileres 10. @giancarlostaub Make sure to go vote in our stories to choose next week's theme! 🚀 #eyeshotweekly

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1 week ago

Did you know? We print from responsible sources 👇 Since day one, Eyeshot has printed its products on paper from FSC® certified sources and supported local printing presses. Italian handicraft is well-known worldwide, and we have the fortune to work with some of the leading companies in the publishing industry. We have a strict plastic-free policy, and we apply acid-free paper stickers only. Would you like to know more about Eyeshot’s values? Let us know in the comments 🤍 Featuring @shinnoguchiphotos’s “In Color in Japan”.