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Going through my archives 😅😅 Our iconic sister @tarajiphenson 🥰

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Excited for the new episode of Culture Talk. Join us this Sunday as we unpack the legacy of our guest, definitely one of my favorite music executive… Steve Rifkind @steverifkind !! Y’all don’t wanna miss it!!! be sure to Set your reminders (Link In Bio) ! Brought to you by @theculture_cards @culturetalk_pod powered by yours truly, in partnership with @drinkchamps and Hosted by @Emjaylamama S/o to @web3nycgallery 🚨8pm EST / 5pm PST🚨

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There’s no grey area in Loyalty. When people ask me how I manage to remain sain, focused and still keeping my values intact In this cutthroat and evil industry… well I tell ‘em I mind my own damn business, I stay outta the way and barely fuck with people… However, This man right here is one of the exceptions, one of the only person in the business I can truly call a brother. It is his bday so let me tell u a lil story about Jayceon T. Taylor, I’ll tell this story that very few know actually… Game gave me my first real shot as a touring agent. I have met Chuck at the office in Santa Monica couple years prior us working together. At that time Game has his back against the wall fighting the biggest music & Entertainment machine UMG (including one of the most impactful hip hop posse ever created: G-Unit). His own label blocked every opportunities to make some coin (y’all talk about cancel Culture and blackballing today…) he even been moved from Interscope to Geffen in the middle of completing his sophomore album… so long story short Game and his team at that time (CZAR Ent. / Jimmy Henchmen) literally hand picked me to handle his first international solo tour… going against another big machine ICM (and my good buddy Scott Mantell 😅😂) lol basically I realized now that it was his way to say F*** all y’all 😂 He literally bet on this African n**** coming from nowhere with almost no resume… the only instructions I got from Henchmen was “Don’t fuck this up n***” and I guess it was motivating enough😅 I didn’t fucked it up… far from that… since “Doctor’s Advocate” hundreds of cities, arenas, venues, people, millions of $$$ (mainly for him lol 😆) and cease and desist from ICM (for me 😅) we still here supporting each other and watching us grow… He’s the first one after my Tyson’s family to have called me to see my daughter and give me some parenting advices… we still to this day texting each other randomly words of love and motivation… he never refused me anything and he knows I got him too. So I want U guys to help me shout Happy Bday to my brother the legend Jayceon T. Taylor aka Hurricane aka El Juego aka Mr.I don’t give a f*** aka The Game. Love u my guy