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4 days ago

Our next stop was definitely the woods - Redfish Lake. We planned on just doing an overnight here but couldn’t help staying a bit longer. The kayaks and crystal clear blue waters. The warm and inviting cabin restaurant and friendly staff that could’ve kept us there for the rest of the summer. The 1.4 mile walk to the van that we did too many times. Undoubtedly one of my favorite stops. But the road continued to call us. PS - picture #3 I’m pretty sure Kyle is trying to flirt with a bear

348.4K 748

1 week ago

Next stop was Boise. A capitol building. Freak Alley Gallery. Birds, burgers, beers and a salty tequila shot. Just some general up to no goodness in Boise. In all honesty, it made us crave the woods 🌲

88.8K 163

1 week ago

The first stop was Paulina Lake. With some spectacular views and the saddest hot springs that Kyle attempted to cure his horrific case of razor burn with. We stopped in not knowing what to expect, only to be completely caught off guard at night with the most spectacular display of shooting stars, satellites and the Milky Way. I’ve never seen so many stars in my entire life. This was our first stop.