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Section Size Matters I cannot stress enough how important section size is when it comes to lifting 💪🏼and lightening 💡hair. No amount of heat 🔥 or higher developer strength will get you lighter than small, small sections. If you can’t read a newspaper 📰 through your section, it’s TOO thick. If your looking for a chunkier look 👀 it’s still better to take ✌🏼small back to back sections as opposed to 1 thick section. Trying to take bigger sections to compensate for time will only get you brassy, uneven lift. The benefits of small sections: -Better Lift -Cleaner Results -Closer application with less swelling and bleeding foils -Quicker Processing Time And the biggest plus of all is that you can use lower volumes of developers which = less damage When you think 🤔 it’s thin... Make it thinner

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Cappin’...... Listen👂🏼up youngsters 😂 just like middle parts and mom jeans👖are NOT new, cap highlights, and balayage are also NOT new. All of these things have been around for a very long time. Everything old becomes new again and if you’ve been alive long enough then you know everything comes back in style. It’s definitely not for everyone but don’t knock it if you’ve never done it or never tried it.