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Passionate photographer, loves to travel and capture the world! Image downloads available on my website by clicking right down here, thank you! 👇👇

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6 hours ago

Good afternoon world, heading out to one of my favourite spots again. I spotted these two young bucks grappling antlers the other day, only the second time I've witnessed it, pretty darn cool. I hope you're all having a great weekend so far and have a wonderful Saturday afternoon as well, cheers!

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22 hours ago

Hey everyone, spotted this cute little Tufted Titmouse earlier today at our local Ojibway Park. Like I always say, sometimes it's best just to get out and shoot, even your local park might have tons of beauty to see and shoot! I hope this cutie puts a smile on your face and that you all have a great night, cheers!

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1 day ago

Hi everyone, what a great day I had today, spotted 4 bucks including this handsome beast! What a thrill to see these magnificent creatures up close and to photograph this one staring right at me. I made sure to keep a safe distance but also felt very comfortable, he seemed unbothered by me. It's time for me to call it a night, hope you all have a great one, stay safe out there, cheers!