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23 hours ago

one of many prototypes. photo from 2010. #10yop1 #teenageengineering

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2 days ago

’11–’21 and beyond. it all started with two prototypes. a clock radio and a synth. well, we decided to go with the synth and i guess we were right. it was only david, me and jens back then, but we were soon joined by johan and david number two. i remember how we built the first prototype – an empty shell with a screen mounted on the inside. we squeezed into my honda element and drove all the way down to musik messe in frankfurt. and if i remember things right, emil was also with us at this time, but we really didn't have a proper company yet so i guess he just joined the trip for fun. the trade booth was just a black fabric backdrop and a table where we had placed the OP–1, under a thick piece of plexiglass. a computer under the table processed the graphics on the little oled screen. it looked very real and the illusion even fooled ourselves as we estimated the launch just a couple of months away. (guess it was my fault, i am always a ’super-optimist’). well, it took us another two and a half years to complete it and here we are now, ten years after unit no. 01 was shipped. the dream was to create a machine that lasted at least 20 years. we are halfway there... so big thanks and hugs to all of you. let's celebrate ’halfway there’! – jesper

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2 days ago

would you believe it's already been ten years since the OP-1 was born? this calls for a major celebration and you are all invited. we'd like to honor this first decade throughout the year and have created an all new OP-1 website. come on in and explore some never before seen OP-1 footage, enjoy memorable community highlights, check out the exclusive anniversary shop and join our OP-1 beat contest, for a chance to win big. ten years of OP-1 - and we’re still just getting started! welcome to the celebration! (link in bio) #teenageengineering #10YOP1