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“My time in New Orleans post-Katrina was kind of a snapshot of how actual deployments are. This is how bad stuff can suck. You're hot. You're miserable. You're tired. You’re eating nothing but MREs. We weren’t operating under martial law. It was pretty lawless. We'd come up on people and they'd be siphoning gas. You shouldn't be doing that, but at same time, well, maybe that's all they had. Doesn't really matter to us though because we're not policemen, right? One of our lieutenants made it clear, ‘We are the United States Army. We have food and water, and we have essentials of life.’ So we were handing out cases of water and cases of MREs to people that didn’t leave or wouldn’t leave or they couldn’t leave. We were going down to houses to make sure that if people were there, they were okay. We opened up the door to one house, and I remember we were searching the house. It smelled pretty rotten. I remember turning the corner and the door closes. There was an elderly woman dead in the corner with her eyes open. Gray hair frizzed out… and I screamed like a little girl (laughs). When I saw that, it scared the crap out of me. That was really my first experience with death where it was right there in front of me.” — SFC Eric Moser (Army Special Operations, OIF Veteran) • Episode 45 of The Veterans Project Podcast is now available on all platforms.

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An excerpt from the blog: “Vulnerable.” If there was one way to describe Lucas O’Hara it would be just that. The 6’6” towering behemoth might look like a lumbering savage but the man creates true works of an ancient artistry at his forge in Salt Lake City, blades that disappear off the market as soon as they hit his website. Maybe it was his time as a sniper in the United States Army or maybe it was his time in the Continental Color Guard, or possibly a bit of both. His unique touch has become his staple, a beautiful mixture of strength and serenity through the median of metal and wood. As impressive as he is as an artist, the human being is so much more than that. No matter who you are around Lucas, you’ll find yourself a subject of his vulnerable affection and that’s something to be admired nowadays. • Entire story available at the link in our bio. Story sponsored by @eberlestock

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Our NFT to commemorate #VeteransDay launched on the @HISTORY NFT Marketplace! A portion of the proceeds will be donated directly to #TheVeteransProject. You can purchase my NFT and learn more about the organization here: #OwnHistory • @heroesandhorses @kirstie_ennis @major_james_capers_jr @josuebarron35