Top Argentinian influencers


This is a list with the Top Argentinian influencers. In it we include those Instagram accounts which we consider are the most relevant, based on its followers and engagement ratio. This list is made up of 20 influencers with a total of 41,022,396 total followers and 2,051,120 followers average. The engagement average is 2% and they generate 48,019 likes and 751 comments average by post.

Country Followers Engagement Avg. Likes Post Price TSF Score Evolutions

@maradona Account Verified

Diego Maradona

5.2M 3.39% 174.6K 👑 $4,068 66

@bocajrsoficial Account Verified

Boca Juniors

4.2M 1.63% 69.5K 👑 $1,181 45


El Kilombo 🇦🇷

3.6M 3.08% 111.9K 👑 $1,705 68

@riverplate Account Verified

Club Atlético River Plate

3.6M 3.69% 135.2K 👑 $2,191 73

@todonoticias Account Verified

TN - Todo Noticias

3M 0.75% 21.7K 👑 $2,775 37

@barbiepucheta Account Verified

Barbie Pucheta #BARVELEZ

2.6M 2.8% 71.7K 👑 $2,660 57

@telefe Account Verified


2.6M 0.11% 2.8K 👑 $4,896 34

@dariobarassi Account Verified

dario barassi

1.8M 1.17% 20.8K 👑 $1,613 39

@natijota Account Verified

NATI JOTA 🎪🦄🤷🏼‍♀️

1.3M 4.86% 64.5K 👑 $1,082 85

@francoarmani34 Account Verified

Franco Armani

1.3M 10.97% 143.3K 👑 $2,612 100


Lic. Emmanuel Cestaro

1.2M 1.33% 16K 👑 $4,417 43

@dr.daniellopezrosetti Account Verified

Dr. Daniel López Rosetti

1.2M 1.94% 22.8K 👑 $2,069 48

@escuderosilvina Account Verified

Silvina Escudero

1.1M 1.4% 16.5K 👑 $3,109 38


Publicidad Para Tu Negocio📈

1.1M 0.26% 2.8K 👑 $4,331 27

@estebanlamothe Account Verified

Esteban Lamothe

1.1M 2.65% 30K 👑 $3,999 55



1.1M 0.53% 5.8K 👑 $4,311 31

@pruneoficial Account Verified

Prüne Oficial

1.1M 0.3% 3.2K 👑 $3,482 27

@radiodisneyla Account Verified

Radio Disney Latinoamérica

1M 0.87% 8.8K 👑 $2,130 33

@maggiebravi Account Verified

Magui Bravi ❥

1M 1.72% 17.3K 👑 $3,951 44

@gregorossello Account Verified

Gregorio Rossello

1M 2.05% 20.2K 👑 $1,224 46

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The Argentine Republic is one of the most important countries in South America and has over 45 million habitants, and it is characterized for their culture, gastronomy and sports. Besides, it is a country that has had many Spanish, Italian and French influence.

It is a country full of diversity and that also shows in their social media influencers. Amongst the most famous characters on Instagram, we find athletes, musicians, TV presenters, and more.

With 92 years old, the famous TV presenter and actress Mirtha Legrand has over 680.000 followers on Instagram, and she has two TV programs on Argentinean TV, for which her account was created.

Integralnutrición, an account ran by the nutritionist Laura Romano, is the type of profile on Instagram where we can find healthy and delicious recipes, foods comparativos and useful tips on having a healthy diet.

Ignacio Saralegui, on the other hadnd, is a comic from La Plata that owes his popularity to his Instagram account, where he uploads funny videos and parodies, and through which he has won Argentinean’s hearts and is considered an Instagram star.

Felipe Pigna is another star influencer in Argentina, who is a collaborator in TV shows thanks to his career as a historian, and is considered one of the best in the country, being a recurrent collaborator in Ver para Leer.

The most used Hashtags by Top Argentinian influencers are: #forzanapolisempre, #vamosboca, #boca, #boca., #elkilombo, #vamosriver, #carp, #felizcumplea, #argentina, #naturaleza, #decisi, #peque, #cortaporlozano, #mividaerestu, #am, #playoffslacaja, #nissanmarch, #ligafemeninalacaja, #habitossaludables, #recetas. The most mentioned brands by this top influencers are: @ciroferrara_official, @starace.t, @golazo_de_america, @velez, @xolos, @agusalmendra, @argentinagameshow, @ticketekar, @voyage_provocateur, @turkishairlines, @lucaspratto, @libertadores, @tntodapasion, @s, @estilotn, @funtourviajes, @f2f_ph, @rimmelmoda, @holasoylaurita, @socastiglione.