Best Spanish influencers


This is a list with the Best Spanish influencers. In it we include those Instagram accounts which we consider are the most relevant, based on its followers and engagement ratio. This list is made up of 20 influencers with a total of 858,821,467 total followers and 42,941,073 followers average. The engagement average is 2% and they generate 891,009 likes and 4,895 comments average by post.

Country Followers Engagement Avg. Likes Post Price TSF Score Evolutions

@leomessi Account Verified

Leo Messi

141.3M 2.95% 4.1M 👑 $1,373 81

@realmadrid Account Verified

Real Madrid C.F.

83.1M 1.67% 1.3M 👑 $3,795 66

@fcbarcelona Account Verified

FC Barcelona

82.4M 1.52% 1.2M 👑 $2,823 62

@shakira Account Verified


60.8M 0.85% 514.1K 👑 $1,078 37

@jamesrodriguez10 Account Verified

James Rodríguez

44.8M 3.76% 1.6M 👑 $4,897 77

@marcelotwelve Account Verified

Marcelo Vieira Jr.

43.5M 1.47% 637.3K 👑 $2,652 44

@garethbale11 Account Verified

Gareth Bale

42.9M 1.59% 677.7K 👑 $3,553 44

@zara Account Verified

ZARA Official

37.9M 0.15% 54.9K 👑 $1,952 23

@luissuarez9 Account Verified

Luis Suarez

37M 1.85% 683.8K 👑 $4,846 50

@sergioramos Account Verified

Sergio Ramos

36.8M 1.91% 701.6K 👑 $2,812 51

@andresiniesta8 Account Verified

Andres Iniesta

33M 0.94% 310.4K 👑 $3,398 36

@karimbenzema Account Verified

Karim Benzema

32.2M 2.03% 649.6K 👑 $4,420 52

@antogriezmann Account Verified

Antoine Griezmann

29.6M 4.13% 1.2M 👑 $3,935 68

@hazardeden_10 Account Verified

Eden Hazard

26.6M 4.17% 1.1M 👑 $1,655 67

@laliga Account Verified


25.4M 0.58% 148.1K 👑 $3,980 33

@zidane Account Verified


24.4M 3.48% 843.7K 👑 $2,471 59

@toni.kr8s Account Verified

Toni Kroos

23.2M 2.52% 581.6K 👑 $1,555 48

@lukamodric10 Account Verified

Luka Modric

17.9M 3.14% 560.6K 👑 $1,529 54

@3gerardpique Account Verified

Gerard Piqué

17.8M 2.23% 395.8K 👑 $1,271 46

@ivanrakitic Account Verified

Ivan Rakitic

17.1M 1.67% 286.2K 👑 $4,855 38

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Social media in Spain has a lot of influence in general pubic, since they use online entertainment over over TV or reading. Part of the Spanish average person’s routine is to check Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest many times a day.

Influencers are flooding social media in Spain, many of them were already famous before social media, and others have gained their fame thanks to it. In this list for the best influencers in Spain we find well-known characters, such as Leo Messi, the Argentinian player that is not only Barça’s star player, but the world’s. On Instagram, he has no less than 120 million followers, to whom he shares pictures about his job and family photos with his wife Antonella and their three sons.

Another popular influencer in Spain is the well known Yotutuber El Rubius, who has gained fame through this platform, where he started uploading gaming themed content. Currently, he has over 10 million followers on Instagram

We can also find very different categories of influencers, such as Dulceida and her wife Alba Paul; Carlos Ríos, who shares royal family meals; Grace Villarreal, who uploads daily maternity, fashion, lifestyle and interior design contents and updates; and even the singer Vanesa Martín. Check out this list to learn more about Spanish influencers.

The most used Hashtags by Best Spanish influencers are: #messicirque, #expo2020, #nemeziz, #halamadrid, #rmcity, #rmliga, #bar, #for, #totsunits, #pandorapartner, #daviscupmadridfinals, #wise19, #m12, #theking, #zaranewin, #zarawoman, #zara, #delfi, #siemprejuntos, #disfrutando. The most mentioned brands by this top influencers are: @fcbarcelona, @ikercasillas, @expo2020dubai, @realmadrid, @jesusvallejo1997, @garethbale11, @leomessi, @mterstegen1, @visselkobe, @alejandrosanz, @theaktstudios, @fpiesdescalzos, @wchildrengame, @fcbayern, @fcfseleccioncol, @liamalvesv, @viniciusjunior, @hublot_madrid, @socceraid, @unicef_uk.