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This is a list with the Top foodies influencers. In it we include those Instagram accounts which we consider are the most relevant, based on its followers and engagement ratio for the food & restaurants category. This list is made up of 20 influencers with a total of 52,526,778 total followers and 2,626,339 followers average. The engagement average is 2% and they generate 35,748 likes and 517 comments average by post.

Country Followers Engagement Avg. Likes Post Price TSF Score Evolutions

@nusr_et Account Verified


27.7M 1.88% 517.2K 👑 $2,302 46


Love Food

6.9M 0.15% 10K 👑 $4,502 23


Yanni🍴Foody Fetish

3.6M 0.36% 12.7K 👑 $4,727 28


Healthy Food & Recipes

🏳️ 2.7M 0.32% 8.6K 👑 $1,012 24
Avatar Account Verified

J o s e

1.6M 2.08% 34K 👑 $1,833 44

Plantd™ | Plants + Planet 🌿🌎

1.3M 0.31% 4K 👑 $3,511 27

@realfooding Account Verified


1.2M 0.83% 10.2K 👑 $1,036 34


Michaela Vais | Vegan Food ♡

1.1M 1.65% 18.5K 👑 $3,578 42


César Cocinero

1M 0.89% 8.9K 👑 $1,417 36

@rachaelray Account Verified

Rachael Ray

924.1K 1.38% 12.1K 👑 $3,950 41
Avatar Account Verified

BOSH! by Henry & Ian

713.7K 0.62% 4.3K 👑 $4,045 32


Bianca Zapatka | Vegan Food

608.9K 2.46% 14.6K 👑 $1,036 55


Ashley | Baker By Nature

443.6K 1.71% 7.4K 👑 $1,033 44

@rainbowplantlife Account Verified

Nisha Vora | Vegan Blogger

417.4K 1.63% 6.4K 👑 $4,572 42


From My Bowl | by Caitlin S

371.6K 1.46% 5.3K 👑 $1,844 39


Nisha-Nutritionist RD-NYC

320.3K 2.33% 7.1K 👑 $2,396 51

@the.hungry.tourist Account Verified

The Hungry Tourist

319.2K 1.66% 5.1K 👑 $4,293 48


Jess-Food Blogger

311.5K 1.13% 3.4K 👑 $2,807 37


Lauren | Rabbit and Wolves

🏳️ 304.2K 2.38% 7.1K 👑 $2,651 54


Mei Yee

261.9K 6.73% 17.2K 👑 $2,389 100

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One of the many great things that came with the Instagram era is food, lots and lots of food. While many influencers center their strategy around themes such as fashion, travel, fitness and other categories, there are some that turned their love for food and cooking into art, that they have been sharing through their social media platforms.

But like all the other categories, there are lots of subcategories in this group. On the one hand, we have what we’re going to call fast-foodies, those users that love sharing photos and recipes of the most delicious and calorie-dense dishes and desserts, that will probably make you gain a couple of pounds by just looking at them - like @foodyfetish. On the other hand, we have the healthy but still delicious food influencers, who create and share easy and nutritious recipes to motivate their audience on sustaining a healthy lifestyle, such as @detoxpage.

There are also more specific categories, such as travel foodies like The Hungry Tourist, a blogger who travels around the world and tries different food and cultures, and shares his opinions and tips with his readers and followers; or plant-based or vegan foodies, who share tons of mouth-watering recipes to spread the sustainable and healthy message by showing that “diet restrictions” don’t necessarily have to be diets or restrictions.

There’s a whole world about foodies, and you can find out more about it and discover new influencers by checking out our list on best food influencers.

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