Top Mexican influencers


This is a list with the Top Mexican influencers. In it we include those Instagram accounts which we consider are the most relevant, based on its followers and engagement ratio. This list is made up of 20 influencers with a total of 225,116,907 total followers and 11,255,845 followers average. The engagement average is 3% and they generate 318,622 likes and 2,846 comments average by post.

Country Followers Engagement Avg. Likes Post Price TSF Score Evolutions

@juanpazurita Account Verified

Juanpa Zurita

24.6M 3.79% 923.5K 👑 $3,808 68

@luisitocomunica Account Verified

Luis El Crack

19.2M 7.23% 1.3M 👑 $4,443 92

@thalia Account Verified


16.1M 0.08% 12.1K 👑 $3,156 26

@yuyacst Account Verified


16M 4.07% 650.8K 👑 $3,818 88

@louist91 Account Verified

Louis Tomlinson

14.5M 3.19% 455.2K 👑 $3,603 61

@badabun Account Verified


13.4M 0.29% 38.4K 👑 $3,161 31

@iamyanetgarcia Account Verified

Yanet Garcia 🇲🇽

13.3M 1.93% 254.7K 👑 $3,914 52

@daniellachavezofficial Account Verified

Daniella Chávez

12.9M 1.05% 133.8K 👑 $1,136 34

@aislinnderbez Account Verified


10.5M 5.45% 570.8K 👑 $2,372 100

@manelyk_oficial Account Verified

Manelyk Gonzalez

9.4M 2.88% 272.9K 👑 $1,456 61

@juulianapaiva Account Verified

Juliana Paiva

8.8M 1.87% 163.3K 👑 $4,292 45

@monicadenise Account Verified

Monica 🖤

8.6M 1.01% 85.8K 👑 $1,640 37

@evalongoria Account Verified

Eva Longoria Baston

7.9M 1.33% 103.9K 👑 $4,296 44

@justyoss Account Verified

Yoss Hoffman

7.4M 2.79% 206.5K 👑 $2,941 51

@dulcemaria Account Verified

Dulce Maria

7.2M 1.56% 111.7K 👑 $2,256 41

@barbaraderegil Account Verified

Barbara De Regil

7.2M 4.23% 303K 👑 $3,598 71

@malcriado.x Account Verified


6.9M 2.65% 184.2K 👑 $2,010 52

@pipebueno Account Verified

Pipe Bueno

6.9M 2.76% 189.4K 👑 $4,552 56

@xtina Account Verified

Christina Aguilera

6.8M 1.95% 131.5K 👑 $1,418 45

@michaelronda Account Verified

Michael Ronda

6.7M 2.95% 198.8K 👑 $4,370 57

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Mexico has more than 120 millions habitants, which makes it number 11 on the world’s list of countries with the most habitants. Therefore, the number of social media users is massive, and so is the impact that influencers have in Mexico. People from every age group find out about new trends thanks to the accounts we’re listing here.

In this list, you can find the most important Mexican influencers, such as Sheryl Rubio, an actress, model and singer that jumped to the Youtube world and is now one of the most influential people in this country, with around 60 million views of her videos.

Another Mexican idol is Yuvanna Montalvo, who shares raw content about her life as an actress, a mother and a model on Instagram, where she is about to reach 4 million followers. Her posts, both ads and “real”, have great impact in Mexico.

Internet has opened a door for Mexican celebrities to be more accesible than ever, believe it or not. Anyone can comment on their pictures and, sometimes, get a response! Interacting with your idols is way easier thanks to social media, and the knowledge of them and their lives seems to be much more real and direct than it used to be when we just read about them in magazines or watched them on TV.

We can also find some men in this list. Christian Chavez became famous for his role in Rebelde (RBD), for which he has had great impact as an actor and singer. We can also find Memo Aponte, not your typical influencer, since he doesn’t come from the cinema or music world, but he has become famous on the Internet for Disney videos and translations on his channel, where he has over 2 million subscribers.

The most used Hashtags by Top Mexican influencers are: #lovearmymexico, #caballeros, #diorsummer20, #lugaresasombrosos, #beauty, #thalia, #fashion, #twoofus, #actress, #comedy, #tonderarmy, #bailandoporunsue, #cuarentena, #stayhome, #tb, #happyaniversary, #quedateencasa, #energydrink, #bangenergy, #resistiremtv. The most mentioned brands by this top influencers are: @andymtzurita, @kellansworld, @paumtzurita, @revistaencuadre, @bamxpuebla, @dominguero, @motivescosmetics, @lorenridinger, @pabllovittar, @bailandojuntos, @lolyintheskyofficial, @lasnubesholbox, @jackalexanderuk, @1883magazine, @helenseamons, @paocastillooficial, @emmaduarteoficial, @soymelissanavarro, @lewishowes, @fitplan_app.