Top fashion influencers in Spain


This is a list with the Top fashion influencers in Spain. In it we include those Instagram accounts which we consider are the most relevant, based on its followers and engagement ratio for the fashion category. This list is made up of 20 influencers with a total of 37,558,512 total followers and 1,877,926 followers average. The engagement average is 5% and they generate 115,881 likes and 942 comments average by post.

Country Followers Engagement Avg. Likes Post Price TSF Score Evolutions

@georginagio Account Verified

Georgina Rodríguez

14.6M 9.38% 1.3M 👑 $4,441 100

@pau_eche Account Verified

Paula Echevarria

2.9M 1.2% 35.5K 👑 $1,150 41

@dulceida Account Verified

Aida Domenech

2.6M 3.88% 103.6K 👑 $3,772 73

@kortajarenajon Account Verified

Jon Kortajarena

2.4M 2.74% 66K 👑 $4,158 56

@alexandrapereira Account Verified

Alexandra Pereira

1.8M 1.29% 23.6K 👑 $4,742 38

@lauraescanes Account Verified

Laura Escanes

1.5M 10.5% 154.6K 👑 $1,892 100

@mariapombo Account Verified


1.3M 7.17% 97.1K 👑 $3,804 100

@evagonzalezoficial Account Verified

Eva Gonzalez

1.2M 2.08% 26.5K 👑 $2,794 48
1.1M 7.95% 89.8K 👑 $4,783 100

@goicoechea22 Account Verified


1.1M 5.46% 62.5K 👑 $3,281 91

@albapaulfe Account Verified

Alba Paul Ferrer

1M 6.62% 70.5K 👑 $3,919 100

@ivangoonzalez_ Account Verified

Iᐯᗩᑎ GOᑎᘔᗩᒪEᘔ

1M 3.43% 34.1K 👑 $2,368 68

@belenhostalet Account Verified


806K 1.54% 12.3K 👑 $3,622 42

@gracyvillarreal Account Verified

Grace Villarreal

595.7K 5.48% 32K 👑 $3,159 93

@riumbaumarta Account Verified

Marta Riumbau

540K 5.95% 31.7K 👑 $1,886 95

@teresaandresgonzalvo Account Verified

Teresa Andrés Gonzalvo

539.4K 6.95% 37.3K 👑 $1,071 100

@mariafrubies Account Verified


529.6K 3.71% 19.5K 👑 $4,742 68
494.8K 0.98% 4.5K 👑 $2,277 33

@paulaordovas Account Verified

Paula Ordovás

465.7K 0.95% 4.3K 👑 $1,182 34


Raquel Reitx💋

455.3K 10.34% 46.9K 👑 $3,736 100

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Fashion influencers have been going strong on social media since the beginning, sharing daily looks to inspire their followers. Influencers are icons for style and they are so influential because of it, which clearly reflects on their Instagram and other social media accounts, where they have thousands - maybe even millions - of followers and around the same amount of likes.

Each post that fashion influencers share makes the world stop. In fact, there are a lot of occasions where clothing items that they wear end up being sold out, which is why clothing lines contact them to promote their products.

In Spain, there is a great amount of fashion influencers, and their career didn’t actually start with social media, but because of their influence and the social media trend, it has become kind of their second job. This is the case for the popular actress Paula Echevarria, who has always been into fashion. Only a few years ago she created a blog with Elle magazine to share her outfits, and nowadays she does that almost daily on her Instagram account.

We can also find the international Basque model and actor Jon Kortajarena whose Instagram is followed by millions of people, and in which we find insights into his job and personal life.

On the other hand, in this Best fashion influencers in Spain list we can find those who became popular precisely for their content on Instagram and other social media platforms. They’ve started with a personal and ordinary account, and little by little they have gained more and more followers and making their profiles professional and following an online strategy. This is the case, for example, of Dulceida, Gracy Villarreal or Laura Escanes,, current wife to the advertiser and TV presenter Risto Mejide.

The most used Hashtags by Top fashion influencers in Spain are: #family, #cristianoronaldo, #juventus, #traslapistadepaula, #elleblogs, #countdown, #dulceidaxprimark, #cubanamente, #invietnam, #netflix, #highseas, #altamar, #ag1001nights, #moetmoment, #showyourvogue, #toelrrato, #mojellyfish, #happyskin, #ad, #gdjpombocrew. The most mentioned brands by this top influencers are: @nicolasgerardin, @lorealmakeup, @dessangeparis, @mango, @browniespain,, @viajaway, @arenal_sound, @albertmullor, @lofficielhommes_kr, @netflix, @netflixes, @juanlurojano, @belmondcastellodicasole, @apmmonaco, @adidas_es, @sr.isatis, @lauraescanes, @aleuriarte, @stradivarius.