Top Spanish TV women influencers


This is a list with the Top Spanish TV women influencers. In it we include those Instagram accounts which we consider are the most relevant, based on its followers and engagement ratio. This list is made up of 20 influencers with a total of 34,171,228 total followers and 1,708,561 followers average. The engagement average is 4% and they generate 63,357 likes and 1,252 comments average by post.

Country Followers Engagement Avg. Likes Post Price TSF Score Evolutions

@pilarrubio_oficial Account Verified

Pilar Rubio

4.8M 2.18% 103.9K 👑 $4,719 46

@blanca_suarez Account Verified

Blanca Suárez

4.3M 7.68% 329.2K 👑 $4,155 100

@cristipedroche Account Verified


2.8M 2.51% 69.3K 👑 $1,250 51

@saracarbonero Account Verified

Sara Carbonero

2.7M 3.2% 87.8K 👑 $1,821 59

@orianagonzalezmarzoli Account Verified


1.9M 5.88% 114.4K 👑 $3,989 89

@laruka Account Verified

Lara Álvarez

1.9M 3.3% 63.9K 👑 $1,955 60

@paz_padilla Account Verified

Paz Padilla

1.6M 2.23% 37.2K 👑 $2,841 49
1.4M 3.15% 46.7K 👑 $1,584 61

@violeta_mangrinyan Account Verified


1.4M 6.57% 85.1K 👑 $2,258 100

@evagonzalezoficial Account Verified

Eva Gonzalez

1.3M 2.29% 31.4K 👑 $2,542 49

@anabelpantoja00 Account Verified

Anabel Pantoja

1.2M 3.37% 41.4K 👑 $2,631 62

@vanesa_romero Account Verified

Vanesa Romero

1.2M 3.42% 41.7K 👑 $2,561 67

@cristinacastano_oficial Account Verified

Cristina CastaÑo

1.2M 2.56% 31.1K 👑 $2,144 56

@nagore_robles Account Verified


1.1M 4.01% 41.8K 👑 $3,619 75

@belenestebanmenendez Account Verified

Belén Esteban

897K 3.73% 31.8K 👑 $1,796 70

@_lmflores Account Verified

Laura Matamoros

887.9K 2.69% 23.7K 👑 $4,080 55

@sarasalamo Account Verified

Sara Sálamo

869K 3.54% 30.5K 👑 $2,657 65

@annasimonmari Account Verified

Anna Simon Marí

715.6K 3.77% 26.7K 👑 $3,340 69


⚡️Tania Llasera⚡️

676.6K 1.21% 8K 👑 $3,270 38

@tmoreno73 Account Verified

Toñi Moreno

635.8K 3.32% 20.6K 👑 $1,592 69

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Television is one of the biggest parts of the Spanish society’s entertainment, where following and repeating watching TV shows, watching gossip programs and staying updated on different reality shows is an everyday routine. That’s why social media such as Instagram have become a main platform for celebrities to connect with their fans.

Amongst the most influential women from Spanish TV, we find actresses, TV presenters and reporters, that share with us interesting aspects of their lifestyles, news about their new projects on TV or cinema, and, generally, fashion and outfits they wear both for their day-to-day life and events.

On this list, we can see influencers that have had a huge impact both nationally and internationally, like is the case of Blanca Suarez, that apart from her long professional trajectory, thanks to Netflix and her role on the show Cable Girls, she has become an international idol even in non-Spanish-speaking countries, having reached more than 3.8 million followers on Instagram.

We can also find many known TV presenters, such as Cristina Pedroche, whose career path includes titles like actress, model, radio host and presenter, aside from being closely watched by the public for her personal life and her current relationship with her husband and known chef David Muñoz; or the also journalist Anna Simon Mari, known for her TV appearances on shows such as El Hormiguero or Zapeando, and that has also a multi-tasking profile, having worked on different projects, like collaborations with different brands on advertising.

Discover more about the most important influencers from Spanish television on this list.

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